Technical Specifications

The Potapak 250 is a gravity – fed, fabric enhanced, slow sand packaged water treatment system, providing potable water from highly polluted raw water sources.

Potapak Specifications Potapak Performance
Material molded polyethylene
Wall thickness 6 mm
Diameter 1380 mm
Height 1200 mm
Filter Material polyester
Filter area 1.3 m3
Piping Black spiral reinforced hose
Valves and Fittings u-pvx/Acetol
Faecal coli reduction 99% to 99.9%
Turbidity reduction >90%
Daily throughput 12.5 m3
Maximum flow 520 l/hr
Inlet water head 1.5 m required
Head loss 0 - 1 m
Population served 500 people at 25 litres per person per day

Potapak units can make use of a variety of sand grades. Quantities are as follows:

  grade Quantity
Sand "coarse" 0.6m³ per unit
Gravel "pea" 3mm 0.1m3 per unit
  20 – 50mm 0.1m3 per unit

Potapak Gravel Filter provides a simple and effective means of pre-treatment for the Potapak 250 when water turbidity regularly exceeds 10 NTU. It can be used to treat water for agricultural purposes, drip feed irrigation and livestock.

System Configuration
The number of gravel pre-filters required will be dependent upon the variability and conditions of the raw water.
(Based on 25 litres per person per day)
Number of gravel pre-filters according to turbidity: Number of Potapak filter units Output pf water
low medium high
up to 1000 0 1 2 2 25
1000 to 2000 0 2 4 4 50
2000 to 3000 0 4 6 6 75
3000 to 4000 0 4 8 8 100
Note: Using the Potapak units in groups of at least 2, ensures that an adjacent unit will always be available for backflushing.
Typical low turbidity waters -
well and borehole
rain water
partially treated water
Typically high turbidity waters -
surface water generally
shallow well water
river and stream water

bacteriological reduction graph turbidity reduction graph