The System

a Potapak tank

The Potapak 250 is a gravity-fed, fabric enhanced, slow sand packaged water treatment system, providing potable water from highly polluted raw water sources.

One unit can supply up to 12.5m³ of potable water per day, sufficient for 500 people @ 25 litres per day or 2500 people if used for drinking purposes only. Being modular, a combination of units can be used to service as many people as required. The process does not require electricity, chemicals or disposable filter elements. Installation is simple and maintenance involves cleaning routines, which can be taught to a member of the local community leading to job creation.

The Potapak Gravel Filter provides a simple and effective means of pre-treatment for the Potapak 250 when water turbidity regularly exceeds 10 NTU. It can be used to treat water for agricultural purposes and livestock.

Potapak eliminates over 99.9% of deadly organisms including cholera and other pathogens such as typhoid, paratyphoid, giardia enteritis, bilharzia, amoebic dysentery.

cross section through Potapak tank showing the water filtration system

Its strength is its cost effectiveness, simplicity of installation and operation, durability and independence from chemicals and power. It is equally at home in remote, rural areas and peri-urban settings. Being gravity-fed it is particularly suitable for mountain villages.