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Potapak installation in EritreaEritrea is divided into six administrative regions of which Zoba Maekel is one. It lies inland, is the smallest region in area, and contains the national capital, Asmara.

The village of Dairo, has a population of 900 and although only 15kms from Asmara, the journey time by 4 x 4 is over an hour. The population, ethnic Tigrinya, Christian Orthodox, survive on rain – fed agriculture. Average family size is 6 and per capita income is approximately US$300.

women fetching water for their familyThe villagers walked an average of 2.5kms (one way) to fetch untreated water from a dam. There is one elementary school in the village. However, further education and medical services are about 5kms away. Market facilities are in Asmara (15kms). According to data from the Hazega Health station, which is about 4kms away, the main reported diseases are Diarrhoea, Amoebic Dysentery and Gastritis.

villagers enjoy their new fresh clean water supplyFollowing discussions with the Community, a Potapak water treatment system was installed funded by the Municipality. The raw water from the dam is treated by Potapaks and goes into a storage tank, which supplies a public fountain from where the water is collected. The fountain, a maximum of 500m from all households, will be open three times a day and has an attendant who has also been trained for operation and maintenance of the system.

Although the water from the dam was collected free, the Community has decided to levy a charge for the water from the public fountain, which will pay the salary of the attendant and support the maintenance of the installation. The Community has also decided to exempt orphans and elderly people living on their own from the charges.